Help Children To Overcome The Effects Of Sex Abuse

Child sex abuse involves forcing or pressurizing a child to engage in sexual act or activities for an adult or an older adolescent. The term covers direct sexual contact such as oral sex or intercourse, asking a child to touch or kiss genitals, expose the genitals to the child, display pornography to the child or use the child to make pornography. Visit this website to learn more.

Who abuses children?

Children are often abused by people close to them. This could be one of the members of their family, relatives, family friends, etc which makes the child difficult to talk about the incident and get help. Child sex abuse is something that should be given immediate assistance and mental support. Effects of sex abuse on children can last for short or long period of time depending on the child abuse support they get. 

Short terms effects include;

Sudden behavior in a different manner after his/her first experience

Starts to think badly about themselves

Seems to be secretive

Shows difficulty to sleep 

Bed wetting

Shows fear and fright when you touch

Teens may try to elope from home or become sluttish and start drinking alcohol. Long terms effects include physical, psychological, social and emotional effects such as anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, physical injury, and other problems. When a child or adult is abused sexually, they will find it difficult to talk about at first. 

This is where child abuse counselors can help them through. They are skilled and experienced professionals to deal with child abuse incidents and victims. They provide written information such as books and leaflets about sex abuse that is very useful and effective in healing the effects of sex abuse in children. 

There are many organizations where one can talk to experienced persons anonymously and they will understand and provide support and guide to overcome the mental and physical stress. If you know any child who has been abused, then contact the renowned charity or foster care organization for advice and assistance. 

You can also contact local social service team for more detailed advice on ways to help the child overcome the situation and come back to normal life. Many charity organizations have counselors to provide support and advice for children who have been sexually abused. If you know someone suffering from sexual abuse, then immediately speak out and get support for them. 

Choosing the best and experienced counselor is important to receive adequate advice and assistance regarding child sex abuse. Look at online sources for internet based sex abuse counselors and charity organizations that provide support over the phone or face to face. Choose the most experienced and skilled counselor from reviews and testimonials that you can find at websites and review sites.