Heart Is Directly Linked With Home

When home is where the heart isn’t predicts that a home is a place where you come from and our heart is strongly linked to that place. It is a place to which we can relate our past and walk towards our future. There we can easily trace our memories and keepsakes. A home is the first place where a child can get social environment education. It gives a child of being in a small community where he can experience the different relationships with many types of people who are different in sex, age and even generations. In a family a child experiences his first social relationship through which he can acquire and organize his behavior. The people with different habits, manners and attitudes will constitute his behavior in the future. It helps a child in becoming social to everyone.

The definition of home states that a home is a place that is close to a person’s heart. It is the most prized possession for a person in his life. The aged caring nourishes and molds a child mentally to face the brutal challenges of life. The person’s mental health and behavior is being greatly influenced by the home in which he lives in. A childhood home is like a satellite heart for the children. Everyone is surrounded by their loved ones in their own homes. The comfort a person experiences in his home charges him to face the challenges of the outside world. It helps to cherish our old gold memories of past of how we live in and the problems which we faced together still smiling and fighting with each other. By reading our old poetry written by us in our childhood can take us down a peg no matter how strong a person is in his adult age. 

The religious atmosphere will automatically be imbibed in the child’s character. The participation of family members in cultural activities will automatically make him aware of the religious tradition being followed by his family. It will be inherited in the noble acts of the children and there will be a continuity of culture and religion of the family. Mostly  effective aged care at Canterbury and love imbibes a child towards cultural activities of families. The moral attitudes and qualities are also in a child from the home only. The way a child will perceives things and the actions will be much alike the other members of the family do. The children will imitate the actions of their parents. The parents must ask their children to actively participate in the cultural activities taking place in the family and to observe the religious rules in their home culture.